Pride & Prejudice & Assassinations


It is the beginning of the 19th Century and England is at war with Napoleon. The Gentry and Nobility of England are under attack by changes in the worlds economy and uprisings, which have led to the decimation of the French aristocracies. Determined not to see this happen in England, the British nobility have tasked several families to uphold the honour and duty of the highest orders within society. It has fallen to the Darcy family to work in the shadows and preserve those ideals.

While performing those tasks Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy is to encounter an intriguing and alluring young lady, Miss Elizabeth Bennet, who will capture his mind, confuse his thoughts, hinder his work, and sorely misjudge his covert actions.  Darcy must decide between his heart and his duties, while at the same time deal with an internal threat the likes the English Aristocracy have never seen. While Miss Bennet loathes his actions, the British Elite learn to admire a man who is about to display his talent for the subtle art of politics, espionage, and war.

“It’s Pride and Prejudice meets MI-5”  review by Jaelkyril

Pride & Prejudice & Assassinations

In the early part of the 19th century the Nobility of England was awash with intrigue, scandal, war, and romance. On the outer fringe of these events is the Bennet family, consisting of five daughters, a stately father, and a mother determined to see her daughters married. Into this setting comes two gentlemen; the handsome Mr. Bingley, intent on enjoying society, and the imposing Mr. Darcy, intent on more serious matters.

The world of the era was changing rapidly and lapses in honour amongst the French gentry had already led to an uprising within their country, which in turn led to the rise of such individuals as Napoleon. Industry, and movements in wealth amongst the common man, also threatened the ideals of the gentry, as many an individual could now move amongst the social classes in ways never before encountered.

Not oblivious to these threats, the highest order had tasked the Darcy family with the responsibilities to uphold the integrity of English society. Should a nobleman or member of the gentry transgress those ideals, or come to harm the innocent,the Darcy family would deal with it accordingly.


This book tells Elizabeth’s side to the story of Pride & Prejudice & Assassinations. The original story was purposely written from Mr. Darcy’s point of view in order to reveal several aspects of his life while keeping Elizabeth’s personality and actions in the shadows. In this novel, Elizabeth’s character is more fully revealed. She has spent much of her life studying and learning about the many dangers of Europe’s nobility. Now, when an odd group of people intrude upon her life, she is thrust headlong into a world she has only encountered in books, and she must use her education and intellect to unravel a mystery that intrigues and horrifies her.

House Darcy was built on a foundation of honour and integrity. It has stood for generations as a symbol of the best ideals in England. Now, during a time of war, murder, spies, and intrigue, House Darcy will rise, and it will do so upon the shoulders of a remarkable woman. But, before the house can rise, she must rise, and before she will rise, she will fall.

A Darker Darcy

In this sequel to Pride & Prejudice & Assassinations, Elizabeth Darcy must come to terms with her new life and her new responsibilities. She has been head of House Darcy for less than 6 months when she and her husband are called to London. They quickly learn that a French spy has infiltrated the Gentry and has access to information at the highest levels of the English aristocracy. Furthermore they are tasked to find this spy and are given the political and military power to do so. Elizabeth must now charge head long into a new life, and new duties, to ensure the safety of the country and citizens she loves.

House Darcy was built on a foundation of honour and integrity. It has stood for generations as a symbol of the best ideals in England. Now, during a time of war, murder, spies, and intrigue, House Darcy will rise, and it will do so upon the shoulders of a remarkable woman. But before the house can rise, she must rise; and before she will rise, she will fall.

To Please a Princess

It has been just a short span of weeks since Elizabeth Darcy has dealt with her harrowing ordeal in London. She is recovering well, and with the help and love of her husband she is once again happy. This happiness is not deterred when a puzzling letter arrives at Pemberley. The handsome Mr. Darcy and charismatic Elizabeth must now head halfway across the country to a seaside port to meet with a  mysterious man. Once there, Elizabeth will be forced to face her demons, and by defeating them, she will begin to take her place in the society that she has only read about in books.






A Dache of Hope

Marianne Dache is a vibrant, energetic woman that is trained in the social graces as well as the arts of war. When she gets a chance to make a difference in the war with the French, she takes it, even after the dire warnings by the friends she loves.

Jonathan Raines is a very rare breed, and his secret missions in Spain have only one penalty if he is caught – Death.

Now, with a treaty on the line and his courier in the hands of the French, Jonathan must enlist the aid of troops and a willing woman. Marianne accepts the risks and quickly learns that she will do battle with more than enemy soldiers. She will battle a man who quickly falls in love with her.

Dance of Intrigue

It is a night of gaiety and dancing, and Elizabeth Darcy is pleased to have an evening of social frivolity planned. But, as she enjoys the company of her family and friends, her enemies learn of her true nature. It is with cunning and guile that she begins to ensnare these adversaries. She it intent that these men will not destroy her country. However, as dances are performed and words exchanged under the guise of civility, she realizes they may do more than simply threaten her homeland: they may endanger her evening.

Addtional Short stories

These free short stories that do not fit into the timeline in any particular way, other than that they take place after Darcy and Elizabeth are married. These short stories are supplemental and designed enrich the story.

Elizabeth Waits       Darcy Waits