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“Oh, no Mr. Angel,” she said as he began to kiss her stomach and slide his body to the foot of the bed. “That is very personal.”

Michael ignored her and gingerly pulled her free of her last restraining garment.

“Well,” he said as he kissed her thighs and carefully forced her legs apart. She resisted, but he was stronger. “I am a very personal kind of guy.”

Melanie didn’t fight him too much and surrendered the position with one caveat. “You better be good at this,” she said as she grabbed his hair with one hand and began to bite a finger on the other hand.

‘Oh, damn’, she thought after a few seconds and a few tongue lashes from Michael, ‘he’s good.’

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The book is an excellent story. Leo brings in actual places in Seattle to give that feeling of you are in the story, plus the characters are true to life. Every emotion and feeling come to life with the characters. Melanie is a true angel herself weaving her magical innocence and quirkiness into the Angel family. Michael didn’t have a chance when he met her-he was a sucker from day one for her. They are a great couple and compliment each other perfectly. Very refreshing to read a romance novel from a male author. One of my favorite authors today! Melinda Bell

Enticing An Angel (Romancing Angels Book 1)
by Leo Charles Taylor (author)
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Michael Angel is the oldest of five brothers all of whom are unwed, a fact that displeases their mother immensely. Susan Angel is a determined woman who chooses her eldest son as the starting point on her quest to see her children married. However, when Michael falls for the wrong girl, an artistic free-spirit who enraptures his sou, Susan’s relationship with her children will change, and as the series progresses, so will she.

Melanie Price is certainly not Mrs. Angel’s first choice for her professional and upstanding son, Michael. While she attempts to separate the lovers, her sons begin to fall under the spell of the energetic and fun loving pipsqueak that has entered their lives. From the hardened construction worker, to the brooding paramedic, the widower, and the emotionally scarred divorcee, the Angel boys will begin to see in Melanie a hope and an idea that having a woman in your life is something to be desired.

$6.95 $4.95
Kindle Edition

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``Fantastic story, I can't wait for the next one!``