Chartreuse & Jonathan Novels

Safe Assumptions

Charlie (Chartreuse) Adams is an accomplished woman determined to treat people fairly and enjoy life. Jonathan Seary is a professional safecracker who is fond of his blue-collar life and the simple wonders of modern living. When these two meet, Charlie is confronted by someone who confounds her abilities to read people and is impervious to her charms. When their lives are turned upside down by Michael Banes, a high-powered Seattle attorney, these two will join talents and learn to do something they thought themselves incapable of – They will break the law.







Safe Returns

2It has been a few short weeks since Charlie and Jonathan thwarted Michael Banes’ plans and regained their lives. Now, a new adventure begins. When a stolen Picasso needs to be recovered, the two new lovers must decide if they should break the law or go separate ways. And when Michael Banes’ enforcer turns to deadly intent, Jonathan must counter with similar means.